7 Insider Secrets You Should Know About Before Your Choose a Body Guard Company?

    1. If you have one bodyguard they cannot act as bodyguard and driver at the same time.Unless when they park your vehicle, you stay with them. Otherwise as soon as they drop you off, your security cover is lost until they park and return to your location.A chain is only as strong as its weakest link, so please always bear this in mind if you only have one bodyguard and they also act as your driver.
    1. Do they specifically recruit their bodyguard for their levels of situational awareness, as in vigilance?Lack of vigilance is the reason at least 4 of the UK’s Police Body Guards left our them Prime minister David Cameron wide open to an attack.
      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WApITK73Q-cThis is the most important skill a body guard must have.
    1. There’s no point in having a bodyguard in a vehicle if your driver is not trained in the very highest levels of advanced, anti-ambush and anti-kidnap driving techniques.The majority of attacks happen when you are in a vehicle or getting into or out of it. If your driver isn’t highly trained, a potentially dangerous situation may happen and they’ll just sit there leaving you as a sitting duck.
    1. There are horror stories of a bodyguard actually losing sight of his VIP whilst supposedly protecting him.So occasionally try to lose your body guard while you’re out and about. If you’re able to shake them easily? Are they really doing their job?
    1. If you perceive you’re in serious danger, it’s best to always drive around in armoured vehicles.This ensures that if you’re stuck in traffic and you’re attacked the vehicle will protect you from the majority of threats.
    1. Your bodyguards must be literally fit for purpose. If you or any of your family go running regularly your bodyguards must be able to keep them protected by running with them.
    1. What’s their level of customer service like? How quickly can you get to speak to someone or have your communications answered?If it takes a long time for you to get through to them or have them answer your emails or return your messages? Once you engage their services it may get even worse.

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