Close Protection London & Close Protection in London

We supply close protection officers across London for High Net Worth Individuals, wherever and whenever you need us we’ll be there. Many of our team have previous military experience, this includes time spent in war zones such as Afghanistan and Iraq.

You could need security for your main family home or because you’re spending some time back in Russia for a few weeks. We have close protection in London team leaders and security managers with extensive international security experience. Who will put together a highly skilled team  specifically for your family’s safety in any part of the world.

A large percentage of our security officers speak fluent Russian and a host of other languages. Some are trained to interact with any of your family members who may have special needs. A number of them are personal trainers, they all have a minimum of 3 days first aid training, with some of them being military field medics.

They are used to contacting other service providers for you and can take some of the pressure off of you. Sometimes you need close protection officers London at very short notice, this isn’t a problem due to our large database of close protection officers throughout London and the UK.

This means that whatever life throws at you our close protection officers in London are literally available in a matter of a couple of hours. Of course, we prefer that you give us a bit more notice, however life does throw us some curve balls from time to time. We are here to provide you and your family with the very best close protection London cover available.

We only interview close protection officers London who are literally fit for purpose, they will normally spend several hours per week training in some form of unarmed combat. And additional time training in strength conditioning, this means that our close protection officers London are able to deal with any situation they may come across.