You have a funeral coming up, but you’ve got a violent family member who’s itching to get their hands on you.

The only way to guarantee your safety is to have your own funeral bodyguard.

With raw emotions, previous threats, and the possibility of inheritance complications, a funeral is one situation when things can go pear-shaped very quickly.

You can’t choose your family, but you can make sure you are protected from them. Unless something happens, your family won’t even know that you have a funeral bodyguard with you.

Group of mourners staying by the opened grave at a cemetery during a funeral ceremony

It’s hard enough saying goodbye to loved ones; the last thing you need is to be assaulted during the funeral. We can protect you anywhere in the UK.

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Centurion Guards supply bodyguards for situations just like this; below are a few relevant client testimonials:

Thanks to these guys, we had a peaceful funeral for my father. Sometimes you wish you could choose your family, but you can make sure they are kept at arms length with the services of Centurion. They are totally respectful of our circumstances and blended in.

Tony, Bodyguard Services

I cannot thank them enough for their security and support on our very sad day. 5 stars are not enough.
Thank you so much

Tony and Heather

I employed the services of Raymond at Centurion recently at short notice, and I was very impressed with the level of protection I received. Raymond was incredibly professional, discreet and very understanding. He made sure that I was safe and felt at ease at all times. As a mother and busy businesswoman who was in a vulnerable position, I really appreciated the support given and would recommend his services very highly to anyone. He was an absolute pleasure to work with.

M Forrest, Security Guard Services

Honesty, I don’t usually like to write reviews, but I have to thank Mr Raymond Mason for such an extremely professional service we had from him in London in July 2022. He was always earlier on the site. Make sure the client is looked after and go the extra mile. He is pleasant to talk to as my client, who is from the royal family of Saudi Arabia, and they have their own bodyguard, but they really thanked him for such an excellent service and make sure they were safe. All the best till next time. Jubran

Jubran Hamati

Contact Ray Mason now to discuss your situation on 0844 699 0607 or at for a no-obligation discussion of your situation.