1. Who Are We?

Centurion Guards was set up to offer practical, real-world security solutions for the most successful people on earth. Our director Raymond Mason has over 36 years of security experience from retail all the way through to executive protection as in bodyguards.

After seeing several breaches of security of various heads of state by supposed highly qualified security professionals. He realised that he operated at a higher awareness level than some of the most high profile cp personnel on earth. He decided to offer his unique brand of protection to discerning captains of industry.


  1. Who Else Have You Helped with Their Security?

Harpo Productions (Oprah Winfry’s Production Company), Luther Vandross, Gary Lineker, Austin Reed, Aquascutum, Audi, Debenhams, Hugo Boss, Laura Ashley, Selfridges, Timberland, The Science Museums, Ugg Boots, Bentley Pangbourne and many other leading organisations. Our bodyguards are used to protecting, CEO’s, celebrities and heads of state.

All of the above had security issues that we dealt with for them. Some of them were literally in dire straights, and we had to get staff on their sites within a few hours.


  1. What Geographical Areas Do You Cover?

We are very flexible and shall do whatever we can to protect you where ever you are. Our bodyguards are used to travelling across the globe with our clients to offer continuous protection.


  1. Can You Offer Other Security Services?

 Yes, we can, send us an email with your requirements and we’ll get back to you quickly.

Security services such as guard dog units, luxury retail security and high end event security are all covered by our staff.


  1. Why Should I Trust You Above Others?

Our director Raymond Mason has over 3 decades experience in several forms of security. Due to this, we have a unique understanding, selection process and training regime for all our security staff thus offering exceptional levels of protection and real-world awareness no matter the situation we are in.

We rigorously test all job applicants for strength, honesty, transparency, courage, attitude and threat awareness.


  1. Are You Easy to do Business With?

Yes, you can always get through to someone, if not immediately, you’ll get a return call very quickly. Often new customers have contacted every security company on a search engines first page, and Centurion Guards have been the only company to pick up the phone. Please note it’s best to call us for the fastest response, 0844 499 0607.


Client Testimonial:

We had just arrived back from holiday and noticed that our home had been burgled. To make matters even worse I was leaving that evening for a business trip where I was going to be away from home for several nights.

So, after doing an internet search for professional security guards in London. I called every business on the search engines 1st page, to my astonishment I could only get through to one company, Centurion Guards. They not only answered their phone swiftly but they ensured I had security in place to protect my wife and kids within a couple of hours.

If you are in need of a professional, customer focused easily contactable security supplier? You need not look any further than Centurion Guards.

Frank van den Bosch London, England


  1. How Quickly Can You Get Me Help?

 We can typically get someone over to you in a few hours in the London area.


 Client Testimonial:

We had to call Raymond at very short notice to get security over to our Knightsbridge Store. He had security cover in place for us in one and a half hours; they sure are quick and efficient and helped us out when we needed help.

Thanks, Raymond! Claire Greenwood, UGG Australia


  1. How Can I Trust a Security Company I’ve Just Found on The Internet?

 Please read the below testimonial

Hello Raymond, I want to express my gratitude for the emergency security cover that you recently supplied to us. Not having a pre-existing relationship did worry me somewhat, however, I need not have concerned myself because you provided an excellent service.

Please pass on my thanks to your security guards who were all very professional.

I will recommend your business without hesitation.

Kind Regards, Kenneth Clinton – Manager, Croydon Showroom, Oakland Furniture


  1. How can I be sure your security staff are up to the job?

 All of our security operatives have a minimum of 3 years security experience and have passed the DB (Disclosure & Barring) vetting process. They have a valid UK SIA (Security Industry Authority) door supervision licence with most of them having SIA CP (close protection) = bodyguard licenses. The average length of security experience of our staff is 6 years.

If they haven’t spent a bare minimum of 3 years in real hands-on regular security situations. And trained in either unarmed combat or strength enhancement conditioning we wouldn’t even consider them.

Email us at info@centurionguards.co.uk or call us at 08444990607