No matter who you are, there are potential security threats wherever you go. Birmingham is no exception to this. As the most densely populated city besides London, Birmingham is a major hub for commercial and social events. But this also means there’s more room for a crime to occur. In 2016, 55,129 antisocial incidents were reported, as well as 42,974 incidents of violent crime. So, when looking where to place our bodyguards Birmingham was one of the top cities on our list. Crime doesn’t discriminate – it can happen to anybody at any time, no matter who you are.

Professionally trained

Here at Centurion Guards, we pride ourselves on our executive security service that provides high-quality, highly trained bodyguards to protect and serve our clients. Many are ex-military or ex-special forces, and all are trained in first aid and unarmed combat. Additionally, several of our bodyguards speak multiple languages, which is crucial for the most effective communication. This is especially critical for Birmingham due to its wide diversity of locals living there and its throngs of visiting tourists.

There is no task too big or too small for our bodyguards in Birmingham. Whether you’re an HNWI, a family looking for peace of mind from a potential threat, or a worldwide renowned CEO looking for round-the-clock security in your building, we have you covered. We offer three levels of cover when it comes to bodyguards in Birmingham (Silver, Gold and Platinum), so you can choose one that best suits your requirements.

Previous clients

Notable clients we have served in the past have included Laura Ashley, Hugo Boss, the Science Museum and several Middle Eastern royal families. So, as you can see, no job fazes us. Rest assured no matter the situation, we have the bodyguards Birmingham needs to feel safe and secure.

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