If you are looking to hire bodyguards in Manchester with a record of excellence, look no further than Centurion Guards. Our service will be able to put you in contact with those who are the most trustworthy and reliable, so you can feel confident that you will receive the best security services possible.

Why do I need to hire a bodyguard?

From providing high-level protection at a prestigious event to simply wanting to feel safe in the knowledge that your family are protected, these are just a couple of reasons why you stand to benefit from hiring bodyguards in Manchester. Our services have also helped to eliminate cases of shoplifting in retail, as well as providing emergency cover in cases of staff shortages.

How do you know that we are reliable?

As a result of our rigorous recruitment process, we only select bodyguards Manchester businesses will receive optimal service from, as it is necessary for them to demonstrate exceptional resilience. These professionals are trained to manage a range of situations and will respond quickly, enabling any threat to be dealt with effectively. Our security professionals have a wealth of experience in different areas, so we can also provide security solutions for situations that you may consider to be particularly niche. Our testimonials also provide excellent examples that demonstrate how our cover can be relied upon.

What different levels of protection do you offer?

We have silver, gold and platinum levels of cover depending on the guards’ years of experience, type of vetting and training. Whether you are seeking cover on a temporary or permanent basis, we can provide security services which meet your needs.

Contact Centurion Guards today to discover how we can help you meet your requirements, as we only select the best bodyguards Manchester businesses will benefit from.